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Friday, February 7, 2014

Baby Got (I'm) Back

You guys--sorry for the radio silence. I have no excuse other than things were HAPPENING. Our house is coming along like gangbusters (sarcasm). The most we've been motivated to do over the past few months is hang some new art, set up a trampoline in the backyard, throw up some crown moulding in the master bath, and Jake built a window-accessible cat lounge. I shit you not.

Also--big time news. We got a new kitten! His name is Alfie and he was the best (and tiniest!) treat I received on Halloween. He is a major bundle of joy and a perpetual source of sunshine. It should be mentioned that he and Pan are such buddies, I almost can't stand it. Whatever Panda is doing, Alfie has to do it too (typical big/little bro situation). I even made them their own Instagram account because how could I not.

Also of amazing amazing note--Derek & Tara (our favorite human beings this side of Pluto) are pregnant.

Actually, Tara is the pregnant one but Derek is hogging the limelight per usual. They told us on New Years Day at brunch, and my BFF Elizabeth and I screamed and started crying in the middle of the restaurant. You could have heard a pin drop but nothing was getting through our haze of giddy, overwhelming joy. Needless to say, NURSERY TIMEEEEEEE. Oh and then this past weekend we went to Dallas for Derek's bday/surprise baby announcement at Craft & Growler (in our old hood--get at me Deep Ellum), and got to share all those happy cry-y vibes with all their/our friends and family. Such a special time. And then to celebrate, we got what can only be described as "turnt up". After the best fried chicken sandwich in the universe (The Foundry, at the Foundry), we found our way to the San Francisco Rose for karaoke, where Derek and I tore the mic up with our rendition of the seminal Ludacris classic, "What's Your Fantasy". At one point we found ourselves standing on chairs spittin out some very NSFW Three 6 Mafia, and then the building blew up when 4 of us sang Friends In Low Places. I'm happy to say we went out on top--microphone drop and all. Thankfully very few pictures have survived, though there is a video I will need to hunt down. My heart was full to bursting (as were our heads on Sunday, while Tara gloated and rubbed it in).

Another exciting (and way past due) development: I'm now a regular contributor to Copy Cat Chic! I so look forward to my room redos every other week, and I'm beyond thrilled to keep working with Reichel. The latest room is up today, you should ch-ch-check it out!

I think that pretty much hits the high points? I've got so much busy busy busy stuff ahead of me that I will probably not be updating as much as I'd like, but I promise I'm always thinking about you. I'll leave you with some kitties, because...kitties.